Train Data People

Non Technical Data Training

Ammonite delivers training and development of softer skills, specifically for data people, from leadership level downwards. We don’t deliver technical training but instead focus on the development of data team management, understanding the business from a data perspective and perfecting communication with and presenting to senior stakeholders and clients.

When we emerge from the current market turmoil, the majority of businesses will survive … but some will thrive. Enhancing the skills of your data people now will be a key difference.

Data Leadership Training Programme

Building on the accelerated learning of our Collaborative Delivery module, we offer our Data Leadership Training Programme for all levels of leaders, from Director downwards.

Our unique modular data training programme is delivered over 5 courses and 12 weeks by one of our senior Data Mentors, with 1st hand experience of winning multi million pounds projects and budgets, developing data teams and accelerating careers of data leaders.


Perfecting Data Presenting

Watch our short video to find out what you’ll learn on our masterclass training course:

  • Learn our 3 step ACE methodology that we teach on the course.
  • Meet our trainer, CDO Mentor; Tony Lamb.
  • Meet our customers to see it’s impact via testimonials.
  • Get an exclusive offer to join us on our next training course.


  • Training courses designed for data people, delivered by data people
  • Close the knowledge gap between data and business to accelerate results and careers
  • Increase buy-in from stakeholders and clients
  • Win more budget approval and support
  • Training by experienced, hands on data leaders


  • 5 training courses designed to benefit data people
  • Modular training programme package or stand alone modules
  • On-line, interactive training via video conferencing
  • 30% discount off 1:1 follow up training

Data Centric Training

"Very useful not only to make presentations, but also to use this logic with other materials Nuno Faustino CDO/Head of Data Science @ Creditspring"