Our Data Solutions

Better Business Outcomes With Data

Now is the time to be more data driven. On this 25 min webinar you’ll hear;

  • how to drive success through data
  • real world success stories
  • 6 data solutions for better business outcomes
  • how to capitalise on your data potential


6 Solutions For Better Outcomes

Our six modular modular data solutions is a completely unique combination of solutions that will help your business achieve what you want – better business outcomes through data.

Each of the six modular solutions addresses a challenging aspect of implementing successful data transformations. We work with different levels of your company to help you create, deliver and maintain the data led objectives that we help you articulate at step one.

Rapid Commercial Results

The data doesn’t lie. Traditional data programmes only have a 20% success rate. A new approach was needed. That’s why we started Ammonite Data.

We have a unique framework to address the current market failures and a completely different approach to traditional consultancies.

Our philosophy is to work with each level of your organisation to rapidly reach the appropriate level of data maturity and self sufficiency, before exiting your business at the earliest opportunity.

Recent experience has shown that our approach is very well suited to the remote working model that COVID has accelerated. Our people, already practiced in working with remote teams, have established highly effective engagements with individuals and groups though video and online collaboration.


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