Momentum: Driving faster growth for SME leaders who demand more from their data

Momentum is the fixed-price data strategy and roadmapping solution for ambitious SME leaders who want to accelerate growth through more intelligent insights and streamlined operations.

Your current situation:

Your data landscape has served you well, but now it’s struggling to meet demand.

To sustain growth, the entire business needs to make faster, more insightful decisions, backed by a highly streamlined operational core.

But this presents a problem. Your business has disconnected islands of data that struggle to communicate together and deliver the advanced workflows and automation required for more intelligent insights and optimal service delivery.

The business can’t depend on spreadsheets and manual processes to scale the next phase of growth.

Without a leadership strategy for data-driven change, the administrative bottleneck and legacy debt of your current data approach will continue to be a barrier to growth.  

Creating Opportunity for Growth:

You’ve worked hard to create a solution-to-market fit, but in terms of your data – “what got you here, won’t get you there”.

The good news is that with an effective data strategy and clearly defined roadmap, you can create a launchpad for shifting data away from an ‘administrative headache’ to a profit-creating asset:

  • Streamlined data workflows deliver fast, intelligent services that delight customers
  • High-quality data and leaner processes cuts admin and operational waste
  • Sophisticated analytics reveals deeper insights for a competitive edge
  • Timely reporting empowers smarter and faster decisions

Better data means better business.


The Solution: Momentum

Momentum delivers the right data strategy and roadmap for transitioning your company from a world of ‘Excel hell’ and clunky operations to a streamlined, data-driven business.

Momentum achieves this by delivering:
  • Clear Roadmap: A high level 18–24-month strategic roadmap across people, process & tech as the bridge between current Excel hell to your modern, optimised data driven business.
  • Achievable MVP: A detailed, costed MVP 3-month project recommendation to bring clarity on the best next step to deliver value within 90 days.
  • Viable Use Cases: Guidance on the most viable use cases, specific to your circumstances & goals; to unlock untapped growth
  • Appropriate Technology: Certainty on right fit technology choices for your business now, & in the future as you scale
  • Required Resources: Clarity on resourcing requirements & structure for your future fast growth data driven business
  • Aligned Culture: Direction on how to align business processes & culture with desired data success


Momentum delivers the clarity and confidence your leadership team needs to move forward and become ‘data-driven’ in a pragmatic, profit-focused manner.

Momentum In Practice

Watch the video clip opposite from a recent presentation to learn how Ammonite could execute this in practice in your organisation.

The goal of Momentum is to find creative ways to streamline core services and extract deeper insights, by enhancing your existing data assets and infrastructure – in weeks, not months.

Here at Ammonite, we are highly skilled in adopting fast, iterative improvements to the way your business exploits data, but without inflicting disruption and upheaval on busy teams.

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