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Data Leaders On-Demand

  • 24 Mar 2020

Strategic, tactical and technical advice and top tips from our highly experienced team of senior Data Leaders at your fingertips ... on-demand.

These are unprecedented times. Priorities are shifting and resources being scrutinised more than ever. The margin for error has significantly narrowed for many businesses. When we emerge from this crisis, the majority of businesses will survive … but some will thrive.

For now, BAU and core operations are critical and take priority. However, new ways of working will emerge, consumer behaviour will change, competitive dynamics will be different, markets will move.

Competitors will go into overdrive in a few months’ time, so enhancing decision analytics now and taking advantage of the current slow down – by upskilling, planning hiring, establishing better governance and processes, data cleansing and rationalisation – could be vital to better exploit the bounce back when it comes. Those who simply manage the present and don’t invest in the right future capabilities may struggle.

Additionally, using the time working remotely to develop new skills and ideas is going to be a key focus in keeping staff motivated and productive, as well as driving innovation.

However, making the right call at the right time is imperative. Our Data Mentors can help you, bringing invaluable experience of 20+ years in data leadership positions.


There are huge commercial and operational advantages from counsel with an experienced Senior Data Leader who can help you rapidly bridge gaps in your company’s data knowledge and expertise, including;

  • Share their vast experience from a multitude of situations and help you apply this to your circumstances
  • Provide expert knowledge & insight to overcome pressing hurdles
  • Refine data strategies and implementation plans
  • Accelerate the learning curve in specialist areas
  • Challenge assumptions and clarify thinking
  • Road-test ideas and solutions
  • Recommend methods and tools that get results
  • Help overcome shortfalls in internal skills, particularly when hiring is difficult


Our direct advisory service will help you move forward in data where it matters;

  • Business Intelligence
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cloud transitions
  • Data Risk & Compliance, including GDPR and Data GovernanceData programme, project and people motivation and management
  • Data presentation and visualisation


Central to Ammonite’s solution are our team of Data Leaders. All have a minimum of 10-20 years in senior data leadership roles. Each has been fully vetted for a track record of success in their areas of specialism and are strong communicators, highly commercial, strategic and tactical.

Our On-Demand Data Leaders provide expert video or call mentorship on a 1:1 or 1:many basis, ensuring you achieve much more from your data plans than you could hope to alone.


We have a simple, flexible plan to allow you to access the data mentorship you and your business require, when you need it. Purchase monthly credits in advance and agree convenient times to get the additional mentorship to advance your capabilities.



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