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Data holds the key to everything we do in life and business.


Ammonite is a data services consultancy that consistently delivers successful change and transformation programmes with a sharp focus on risk reduction and cost control.

Our services

We help companies deliver fit for purpose data solutions, primarily in analytics; BI & AI. As importantly, we understand how to optimise the use of data and metrics in digital transformation, complex integration, cloud adoption, Agile adoption and challenges of rapid growth and scale. Our key point of difference is ensuring our customers deliver as much of their project as possible by optimising the level of Ammonite’s involvement, striving to provide the lightest touch appropriate to deliver the project.

Our events

Ammonite host exclusive, round table breakfast events for senior leaders in the data world to network and share experiences. Pertinent data challenges are discussed in a private, informal setting.

In addition, we run data workshops for C-Level people seeking clarity regarding planning and running successful data transformations in their company.

If you would like to discuss your data challenges or are interested in attending one of our data round table events, please get in touch.

Telephone 0203 693 1602

Email info@ammonitedata.com