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Ammonite's Data Leaders provide mentorship, create and implement high value data transformations and augment your data team to be self sufficient. Expertise for a fast changing data world.

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Cutting through the noise, we focus on maximising the value of your data assets, reducing risk and optimising cost, whilst minimising the level of Ammonite’s involvement, simplifying data strategy and bringing clarity & control to the process.

Our unique 3 tier service lets you deliver and own as much or as little of your programme as possible, dependent on the maturity of your business and the development stage of your data & analytics and AI programmes – all delivered with a sharp focus on maximising competitive advantage, risk reduction and cost control.


Our model

"A recurring issue in large organisations is that they have data they're unaware of. This is not to say no one knows it exists. It's more that the data lies unobserved in pockets."

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