Done with clearing up other people’s mess? A Guide for the CFO/FD

  • 12 February 2021
  • Online

Drowning in spreadsheets?
Going round in circles with IT?
Curve balls at Board meetings?

In a hard hitting 45-minute session we’ll offer you three practical ways of getting data people to do their job and let you do yours

Session: 45 mins – 30-minute interactive presentation + Q&A

Who should attend: CFOs & FDs … “Ammonite clearly understand the major pain points CFOs face with data quality & reporting. The Session provided a really useful framework for preventing or mitigating these issues” Angus Rissik, CFO

Presenter: Avi Marco is a CDO Mentor for Ammonite who champions and delivers revenue centric data programmes. Avi challenges accepted wisdoms and relentlessly pursues the value of data to the enterprise. As Data Director, VP and Head at such renowned names as Betfair, Sage and BSKYB.

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