C-Suite Briefing: How SMEs can get the most from their data

  • 17 March 2022
  • Online

Data should be a priority of any modern business, but the data industry is very confusing.

With so many tools & platforms available, most SMEs are aware that buying more tools just adds to the mess of fragmented systems not taking to each other.

Many SMEs don’t have the skills or time to think strategically about their data. They are stuck in short term tactical fixes.

So, how do you use data to make the best business decisions possible – about what you do now and what you do in the future … towards, what we call, data inspired decision making?

This 45 min webinar is for CEOs, CFOs, & COOs at SMEs who want to use data to drive business success.

In this event, we’ll demonstrate;

➤Where to start (and where not to)
➤What’s the #1 question to ask (and what’s usually asked)
➤What not to do (and how to avoid it)
➤How to become self-reliant (and reduce 3rd party fees)

This is a practical, example laden presentation with real life business cases.

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