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Case study: Engineering a Data Platform & Embedding a Data Culture

  • 21 Jun 2022

The Client

A not-for-profit company whose core purpose is to actively help the transport industry to drive improvements.


The Challenge

With competition on the horizon and their status under pressure, the organisation needed to stay relevant to their customers by unearthing insightful information about the transport industry and improve the way the business thought about and managed data.

The organisation produced simplistic insights that mostly validated what customers already knew, compounded by uninspiring presentations that were difficult to interpret.

They suffered from one dimensional, unchallenged, non-critical thinking internally and a shortfall in communication and validation with customers about what insights and information would be most useful for them … and suffered from a distinct lack of new data from which to mine new insights.


The Brief

Ammonite were required to deliver innovative insights by unleashing creative capacity through better data management, data practices and upskilling the internal analysts and domain experts. Finally, to increase capacity and pace through removing significant blockers to innovation and agility.


Ammonite’s Solution

We established an end-to-end data platform on Azure using data factory, Postgres database for DW capability and Databricks, with dashboards and insights delivered in Power BI and analytics in python. We sourced key datasets and made them available in usable formats and developed meaningful data insights, as prioritised through the backlog planning process.

To tackle the culture challenge, we embedded an Agile model for product driven delivery of data outcomes and established an end-to-end operational data pipeline for delivery of data insights. This lifted internal capabilities to the level required for continued commercial value. We increased technical capability of the existing team and demonstrated ongoing improvements to Agile working practices and product driven data delivery through regular demonstration of outputs.



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