Our Approach

We see SMEs every day that are wrestling with their data. The problem may be lack of expertise, archaic technology, siloed data, quality controls or manual processes. But the result is always the same: the organisation cannot get answers to all but the most basic questions.

Data is the most valuable asset of a business – the distilled essence of customer experience, product performance and employee happiness. Data offers the opportunity to understand what customers want, what products sell and why, what promotions work and when. Failure to capture these insights is the real incalculable loss to a business. How do you assess the value of insights that are never made, ideas that are never conceived and opportunities that are never seized?

In short, how do you assess the value of data-inspired decision making? Because that is what we call the ability to draw on your data to answer the questions that will make your business thrive.

Ammonite Data specialises in taking companies on their data journey from wherever they are today to data-inspired decision making.

Our approach can be characterised by three principles:

Vision: Start with the end in mind

You may have a crisis that you need to solve now. But before you rush into a solution, think about where you ultimately want to be. What questions would you like to be able to answer? What do you want your data to tell you? Create a vision of the future that will guide your thinking about technical solutions now.

Ammonite Data helps its clients to become data-inspired decision makers, using data to drive their business success.  

Step by Step: The journey is made one step at a time

It is well-known that the bigger the project, the more likely it is to go over budget, over schedule or fail outright. So break projects into clearly defined stages with measurable goals that reduce the risk of project overrun and deliver results.

Ammonite Data aims to reduce risk for clients by creating clearly defined project stages that deliver measurable benefits.


Self-Reliance: Retain control of a core asset

Data is a core asset of your business, so you should retain control of it. If you rely too much on third parties, you are far less likely to maximise the value of your data and you leave yourself vulnerable. Train, hire and nurture talent to make data a core in-house asset.

Ammonite Data is committed to ensuring that our clients are self-reliant, that they have the right people, mindset & technology in-house to get the most from their data.