Review & Recommendations

Assess Your Data Capabilities

Based on your aspirational business outcomes we will lead an in-depth review of your data capabilities through detailed interviews with appropriate stakeholders.

Determined from these interviews and our experience, we will create a sensible, realistic programme of work to realise your ambitions from data and analytics that will produce the enhanced performance to warrant such investment.

Deliver A Data Roadmap

We will help you develop a clear understanding of meaningful measures of success to achieve key objectives, essential before making crucial decisions about creating and implementing a data solution, hiring staff or purchasing technology.

We understand that your business is established, with infrastructure and procedures in place and that you’re seeking to enhance your data capabilities, perhaps over time rather than through revolutionary change. Whatever your appetite for change, we’ll produce a clear, commercial roadmap and framework to deliver your data led ambitions.


  • Establish how data and analytics can be used to drive growth and enhance performance
  • Determine how your data operation is currently working
  • Expose limiting thinking and preconceptions that inhibit progress
  • Identify strengths and blockers to progress in achieving agreed data led business outcomes
  • Assess current and future data use, resources and technology requirements


  • A Review & Recommendation Report, presented to your executive leadership to include …
  • Presentation and analysis of key findings and recommendations to deliver desired outcomes
  • Identification of the high-value, practical use cases and quick wins
  • Summary of methodology to move beyond current barriers to drive growth and enhance performance
  • A high level, modular, time bound and measurable programme of work to achieve data led ambitions
  • High-level costs estimations and implications

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