The Ammonite Model

Our 3 tier service lets you deliver and own as much or as little of your programme as possible, dependent on the maturity of your business and the development stage of your data and AI programme – all delivered with a sharp focus on maximising competitive advantage, risk reduction and cost control.


The lightest touch of the 3 tiers, to add direction to your existing programme. Most suitable for companies with good internal capabilities where momentum has stalled, the programme has lost some direction or the business requires an experienced guiding hand.

Based on the business model and industry, we select one of our Senior Consultants to mentor your Board and data leadership team on a regular basis over an agreed period.

It’s easy to lose sight of your goals, pursue the wrong questions or get caught up in the hype of data science and AI. Your mentor brings immense experience, sharp analysis of current and future state and perspective of the competitor landscape to your data programme.


The most common engagement of the 3 tiers. This is suitable where proactive programme management and ‘right skilling’ of internal capabilities and capacity is required to achieve transformative, sustainable decision making improvements.

One of our Senior Consultants will operate in your business at Board or leadership level to augment your data capabilities, reposition your data strategy, re-shape operations and prioritise your goals.

The key drivers of success Consultants focus on are: leadership, strategy, resourcing, structure, culture, technology and of course data management.


Tier 3 is outsourced delivery, suitable where you don’t have the capacity and capabilities to deliver in-house but have an urgent need to develop POCs, data products & services.

Ammonite has an exceptional network of Associates with immense expertise and experience. Projects are managed externally and delivered by one of our Senior Consultants to agreed costs and timescales.

Typical outsourced projects: Predictive modelling | Optimisation | Data Engineering | AI