The Ammonite Model

Our 3 tier service lets you deliver and own as much or as little of your programme as possible, dependent on the maturity of your business and the development stage of your data and AI programme – all delivered with a sharp focus on maximising competitive advantage, risk reduction and cost control.

Data Discovery

Our Data Leaders facilitate C-Level and leadership team data discovery session(s) to uncover the most valuable key strategic objectives and business questions where data & analytics or AI can be used for competitive advantage. Identify strengths and blockers to progress to becoming a true data driven business. Review the current data, reporting, insight capabilities and technologies, with recommendations on driving or enabling the realisation of future state.

Presentation of conclusions and recommendations to the executive team. A preliminary assessment of ‘what good looks like’ in context and shape a high-level time bound and realistic program of work to realise the ambitious but achievable outcome desired.

Data Mentors

Our part-time Data Leaders add direction to your data programme. Most suitable for companies requiring a guiding hand from a senior data expert or who have good internal data capabilities but momentum has stalled and the programme has lost focus.

Based on the business model and industry, we select one of our Data Leaders to mentor your Board and/or data leadership team on a regular basis over an agreed period.

It’s easy to lose sight of your goals, pursue the wrong questions or get caught up in the hype of data science and AI. Our Data Leaders bring immense experience, sharp analysis of current and future state and perspective of the competitor landscape to your business.

Augment & Implement

This combines mentorship from one of our part-time Data Leaders with augmentation of your data team to implement your data plans. This is suitable where hands-on programme management, ‘right skilling’ of internal capabilities and scaling capacity is required to achieve transformative, sustainable decision making improvements.

One of our Data Leaders will work with your business at Board or leadership level to implement your data framework. They can be responsible for delivering objectives, hiring, training or supplementing your permanent data team and advising on infrastructure and technology.

Your data programme handled from discovery to delivery.