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6 Modular Solutions: Ideation to Implementation

Ammonite help UK SMEs achieve business goals by collaborating to implement our 6 modular data solutions.

Our framework addresses the current market challenges and is a completely different approach to traditional consultancy.

We work with each level of your organisation to rapidly reach the appropriate level of data maturity and self sufficiency, before exiting your business at the earliest opportunity.

Our six modular data solutions is a completely unique combination of solutions that will help your business achieve what you want – better business outcomes through data.

Each of the six modular solutions addresses a challenging aspect of implementing successful data transformations. We work with different levels of your company to help you create, deliver and maintain the data led objectives that we help you articulate at step one.

Stakeholder Workshops

Whether at the start of your data journey or you are just not progressing as you had expected, our facilitated stakeholder workshop will help shape your thinking to more clearly articulate the business outcomes that you want data to help you with.

Over the course of 1-2 days, depending on size and complexity of your organisation, an influential selection of your senior stakeholders from the Executive, Data, Sales, Marketing, Product, Operations and Finance departments will work closely with one of our expert Data Mentors to establish well defined, achievable data objectives.

The extremely high failure rate of data transformation programmes is not because data can’t transform outcomes for your business. In our experience it stems from the initial choice of data led objectives, project mindset and appropriate data leadership.

Our expert Data Mentors are highly experienced in working with senior stakeholders to agree clearly articulated outcomes that best help the company achieve its key commercial objectives.


Review & Recommendations

Based on your aspirational business outcomes we will lead an in-depth review of your data capabilities through detailed interviews with appropriate stakeholders.

Determined from these interviews and our experience, we will create a sensible, realistic programme of work to realise your ambitions from data and analytics that will produce the enhanced performance to warrant such investment.

We will help you develop a clear understanding of meaningful measures of success to achieve key objectives, essential before making crucial decisions about creating and implementing a data solution, hiring staff or purchasing technology.

We understand that your business is established, with infrastructure and procedures in place and that you’re seeking to enhance your data capabilities, perhaps over time rather than through revolutionary change. Whatever your appetite for change, we’ll produce a clear, commercial roadmap and framework to deliver your data led ambitions.


Collaborative Delivery

Our ethos is to help you deliver better outcomes through data, not do it for you, in order to leave you with long term data capabilities, knowhow and the culture change critical to successful data initiatives.

We’ll bring in a highly skilled, commercially focused team to work with your SMEs and technical people to rapidly kick-start delivery of our recommendations. By adopting this joint approach your internal capabilities will be enhanced through working directly with some of the UKs’ top Data Leaders & technical specialists.

As part of our unique strategy to exit your business at the earliest appropriate time, our Collaborative Delivery will enhance your existing data capabilities. Our philosophy is to leave you as self sufficient as possible, demonstrating, educating and coaching your people including data leaders and the wider team as appropriate.

You may not be able, or indeed wish, to develop internal capabilities in all data disciplines. Our experts will bridge the gaps in your expertise for as long as required, keeping you on track to deliver and maintain your data led ambitions.


Mentor Data Leaders

There are huge advantages for senior data people and the whole business to be gained from counsel with a seasoned CDO / Data Leader who can help rapidly bridge gaps in your company’s data knowledge and expertise and accelerate learning, bringing 20 years+ experience operating at senior level in the data market.

With our On-Demand service packages available by the hour or day, your senior data team have access to the top data leaders in the UK, when they need them.

Whether you are a newly appointed manager in the data space, have taken on new responsibilities or developing your data leadership capabilities, mentoring will fast-track your learning and development. An expert sounding board for your assumptions and new ideas and a great way to accelerate your data career.

In the current climate, any margin for error has significantly narrowed, accountabilities have increased and data is needed more than ever. Those who simply manage the present and don’t invest in the future might survive … but others will thrive.

Train Data People

Ammonite delivers training and development of softer skills, specifically for data people, from leadership level downwards. We don’t deliver technical training but instead focus on the development of data team management, understanding the business from a data perspective and perfecting communication with and presenting to senior stakeholders and clients.

When we emerge from the current market turmoil, the majority of businesses will survive … but some will thrive. Enhancing the skills of your data people now will be a key difference.

Building on the accelerated learning of our Collaborative Delivery module, we offer our Data Leadership Training Programme for all levels of leaders, from Director downwards.

Our unique modular data training programme is delivered over 5 courses and 12 weeks by one of our senior Data Mentors, with 1st hand experience of winning multi million pounds projects and budgets, developing data teams and accelerating careers of data leaders.


Hire Data People

We work with clients to recruit permanent, contract and interim data specialists at all levels, from technical to senior leadership positions across the spectrum from BI to AI.

Part of our unique strategy as a Data Consultancy is to exit your business at the earliest appropriate opportunity. To enable this we hire the ‘best fit’ data people for your team from our rich network of data specialists to ensure you are self sufficient and able to continue smoothly on your data journey.

Our data consultancy experience with our deep understanding of building effective data led businesses means we hire the right data people, first time to deliver rapid, commercial results.

The data market is attractive and lucrative with an abundance of people who claim proficiency. We have the knowledge, reach and insight to attract and filter highly sought-after data specialists, often recommended to us by our team of senior data mentors.


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