Grow & Train Data Teams

Hire, supplement and train your data teams 

The data market is attractive and lucrative with an abundance of people who claim proficiency. Businesses find it difficult to attract and filter highly sought-after data specialists and harder still to keep them engaged. We have 40+ years’ experience of hiring and training data specialists for clients as well as providing additional technical resources.

Retain knowledge and control. Data is central to growth and even future survival of businesses. It’s important to retain control of this core asset. We train your people to take control of the future and leave you with the knowledge and talent to maintain it.

Balance cost and utilisation. The biggest expense is often people. Unlike most data consultancies, we firmly believe that it pays to improve in-house talent first, permanently recruiting and training where possible and only then bringing in our external specialists when more cost effective. This also ensures that you retain new knowledge in-house and keeps our costs 30% lower than traditional consultancies.

  • Aligned with your data strategy
  • 40+ years experience
  • Retain knowledge in-house
  • Specific data presentation training
  • Improve your existing talent 1st


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