Data Mentorship

Data Mentorship On-Demand

Enjoy the UK’s top data leaders at your side, on-demand, on Zoom or in person (rules permitting).

There are huge advantages for you and your whole business to be gained from counsel with a seasoned CDO / Data Leader who can help rapidly bridge gaps in your company’s data knowledge and expertise.


This is ideal for;

  • Newly appointed Heads of Data or Data Science
  • Leaders with new data responsibilities
  • Managers developing data leadership capabilities
  • Leaders seeking more value from data


In the current climate, any margin for error has significantly narrowed, accountabilities have increased and data is needed more than ever.

Additionally, in this fast moving data space, behaviours need to change, dynamics will alter, technologies are evolving, markets are shifting and old models are becoming irrelevant.

It’s a lot to keep on top of and making the right call at the right time is imperative.

Those who simply manage the present and don’t invest in the future might survive … but others will thrive.


With our On-Demand service, you’ll gain access the top data leaders in the UK, when you need them, on-demand. They’ll help;

  • Clarify your thinking
  • Accelerate your learning curve
  • Challenge your assumptions
  • Prioritise & value projects
  • Road-test ideas and solutions
  • Drive innovation
  • Prevent costly mistakes


Simply purchase monthly credits in advance and agree convenient times to access the mentorship that many large enterprises have in-house.

Mentoring sessions are £200 for 1 hour. Min 6 sessions, to be used anytime within 3 months of purchase.


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