Stakeholder Workshops

Define Data Led Outcomes

Whether at the start of your data journey or you are just not progressing as you had expected, our facilitated stakeholder workshop will help shape your thinking to more clearly articulate the business outcomes that you want data to help you with.

Over the course of 1-2 days, depending on size and complexity of your organisation, an influential selection of your senior stakeholders from the Executive, Data, Sales, Marketing, Product, Operations and Finance departments will work closely with one of our expert Data Mentors to establish well defined, achievable data objectives.

Expert Data Mentors

The extremely high failure rate of data transformation programmes is not because data can’t transform outcomes for your business. In our experience it stems from the initial choice of data led objectives, project mindset and appropriate data leadership.

Our expert Data Mentors are highly experienced in working with senior stakeholders to agree clearly articulated outcomes that best help the company achieve its key commercial objectives.


  • Improved understanding of how business outcomes align with key data objectives
  • Deeper engagement of senior stakeholder with data initiatives
  • Uncover and progress beyond any limiting thinking about data
  • Realisation of what’s possible


  • Informed, joined-up conversation with a seasoned data professional
  • Deeper, realistic understanding of the possibilities and challenges of data programmes
  • Clear direction to realise benefits of data led initiaves
  • Honest appraisal of the opportunities and hurdles that will influence your data led ambitions
  • High level report of the steps required to progress your agreed data led initiatives

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"The Stakeholder Workshop was a game changer for us, focusing our minds on the key outcomes that data could help us achieve (CFO, e-commerce)"