Mentor Data Leaders

Mentorship On-Demand

There are huge advantages for senior data people and the whole business to be gained from counsel with a seasoned CDO / Data Leader who can help rapidly bridge gaps in your company’s data knowledge and expertise and accelerate learning, bringing 20 years+ experience operating at senior level in the data market.

With our On-Demand service packages available by the hour or day, your senior data team have access to the top data leaders in the UK, when they need them.


Accelerate Learning & Career

Whether you are a newly appointed manager in the data space, have taken on new responsibilities or developing your data leadership capabilities, mentoring will fast-track your learning and development. An expert sounding board for your assumptions and new ideas and a great way to accelerate your data career.

Organisations that embrace mentoring are rewarded with higher levels of employee engagement, retention and knowledge sharing. ” (Forbes 2019)

In the current climate, any margin for error has significantly narrowed, accountabilities have increased and data is needed more than ever. Those who simply manage the present and don’t invest in the future might survive … but others will thrive.

Data Mentorship Client Feedback

Watch this 2min video with Hoiyan Tang, Head of Data & Analytics; to hear the impact our mentoring service is having.

You’ll hear why Hoiyan tried Ammonite, her experience of the service, how it helped & who can benefit most from the service.



  • Clarify thinking and maintain focus
  • Accelerate learning curve & drive innovation
  • Challenge assumptions
  • Prioritise & value projects
  • Road-test ideas and solutions, preventing costly mistakes


  • Empowered Data Leaders
  • Knowledge and communication gap bridged between the business and data
  • Shared experiences and practices from external data market
  • Increased engagement, retention and advancement of employees

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