Hire Data People

Building Self Sufficient Data Teams

We work with clients to recruit permanent, contract and interim data specialists at all levels, from technical to senior leadership positions across the spectrum from BI to AI.

Part of our unique strategy as a Data Consultancy is to exit your business at the earliest appropriate opportunity. To enable this we hire the ‘best fit’ data people for your team from our rich network of data specialists to ensure you are self sufficient and able to continue smoothly on your data journey.



Deeper knowledge, better outcomes

Our data consultancy experience with our deep understanding of building effective data led businesses means we hire the right data people, first time to deliver rapid, commercial results.

The data market is attractive and lucrative with an abundance of people who claim proficiency. We have the knowledge, reach and insight to attract and filter highly sought-after data specialists, often recommended to us by our team of senior data mentors.



  • Deep knowledge from building effective data led businesses
  • 30+ years’ experience of hiring data specialists for client’s teams
  • Strong network from training, mentoring and consulting with data people
  • High proportion of recommendations from our team of data mentors


  • Data specialists across the spectrum from BI to AI
  • Permanent, contract and interim professionals
  • Senior Data Leadership, technical staff and regulatory / compliance