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  • 17 Jul 2020

Our Approach

We understand that your business is established, with infrastructure and procedures in place but you’re seeking to enhance your data capabilities, possibly over time rather than revolutionise your operations. We take a phased approach to developing a suitable data strategy, roadmap and implementation plan.

To create a sensible, realistic programme of work to realise your ambitions from data and analytics and produce the enhanced performance to warrant such investment, it is vital to understand your company’s current situation and desired future state.

We carry out an initial assessment of the current landscape prior to making any firm proposals and decisions.


Initial Assessment

Typically, you are keen to explore and implement a data strategy but have yet to identify the use cases where data and analytics would prove most valuable. You (rightly) would also like to be convinced of the returns on potential investment.

For these reasons, we feel that it is imperative for you to receive a clear understanding of key criteria before making decisions about creating and implementing a data strategy, hiring staff or purchasing technology;


  • Use Cases; uncover the key strategic objectives and business questions where data and analytics can be used to drive growth and enhanced performance.
  • Resources; understand what the functions and key individuals do in your business and identify strengths and blockers to progress in becoming a more data led business.
  • Data; review your current data, reporting and insight capabilities, with recommendations on driving or enabling the realisation of the desired ‘future state’.
  • Technology; assess current technology and how it is being used, research and suggest complimentary tools and technologies keeping in mind current system compatibility to minimise costs where possible.


How do we do that?

We conduct management and stakeholder interviews to gather the necessary information to produce a presentation deck for delivery and discussion with your executive team.



From the initial assessment, we produce a preliminary assessment of what good looks like in your particular context and shape a high level, time bound and realistic programme of work to realise an ambitious but achievable outcome in line with your objectives.

We’ll also recommend next steps and actions to drive forward a programme in modular phases identifying the critical path and key dependencies.


An effective data strategy

An effective data strategy should help deliver the company’s business strategy. It requires ongoing backing from the Board and careful planning to maximise value, encourage adoption and ensure future proofing.

Ammonite help build the most valuable business cases, a data roadmap and a programme to deliver the strategy and augment your data capabilities from a thorough investigation within the business. Whilst each company is different, in general a data strategy will aim to produce the following benefits;


  • provide a ‘single view of the truth’ from a centralised, secure application
  • enable easily consumed, self-service reporting with standard and personalised dashboards for all relevant departments
  • create greater transparency about the drivers of business performance
  • help instill a more empirical business culture
  • reduce data risk, particularly in regulated markets
  • provide insights (descriptive, diagnostic and potentially predictive) to give you a rear and forward view of company performance
  • help establish meaningful, useful KPIs aligned with your business strategy
  • measure and provide insights regarding key customer performance


Overall provide insightful, easily interpreted data for more informed commercial decision making.


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