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  • 24 Apr 2019

Good business decisions rely on accurate data and effective data & analytics strategies, you can’t compromise. However, the majority of data science & BI programmes fail. Why is that?

Companies tend to go down 1 of 2 routes if the in-house resources or expertise are inadequate – either outsource the challenge to a consultancy or go and hire someone themselves to deal with it.

Consulting – traditional consulting has its place, but the evidence shows that businesses who are serious about being able to use their data as an asset should only use third parties where they bring very specific expertise to the table.

Customers who engage third parties to deliver data programmes typically end up:

  • Increasing Cost
  • Decreasing internal understanding of systems and processes
  • Failing to change the data culture
  • Reducing employee uptake and buy-in
  • Becoming reliant on the third party

Recruitment Companies – specialist recruitment companies can find excellent candidates to fill open positions. Some experienced consultants can advise on hiring strategy or give insight in to other similar clients and programme experiences. However, they struggle to add real value because they:

  • Don’t understand the business strategy, it’s goals and objectives
  • Lack the in-depth experience required to advise on complex data initiatives

At Ammonite, we feel that the solution is a blend of retaining in-house ownership whilst bolstering and complimenting in-house capabilities. Over the last 15 years, we’ve built up the most comprehensive network of Consultants and Mentors in the data & analytics market. We support you to build your data strategy from the ground up with expert guidance from leaders in your industry. You keep control whilst having access to a support network that ensures you make the right call at the right time.

This service is optimised to minimise your commitment whilst producing better results, turning your data vision in to real business value.

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