Case study: Hire Team & Monetising Insights

  • 21 Aug 2020

The Client

A fast growth, on-line, automated consumer service with HQ in London. Commercially, they provide insightful, analytics-driven products for their growing, international client base across multiple markets.


The Challenge

The aim was to build meaningful data, insight and reporting products using data acquired from a large number of data sources. However, the initiative was blighted by poor data quality, failing data pipelines, haphazard, ineffective and expensive application of data science and a lack of user satisfaction with the data products being produced.

Project: To help the business to develop a coherent data strategy and to develop the data and analytics capabilities to produce commercially viable data products and insights.


Ammonite’s Solution

Momentum – One of Ammonite’s Senior Consultants worked with C-suite to help formulate a data strategy, data architecture and roadmap which incorporated; technology, people, structures, implementation, time frames.

OptimiseWorked closely with CIO and other members of the SLT to bring the in-house data capabilities together into one team augmented with better skilled Data & Analytics professionals to drive a rapid improvement of capabilities and drive better data outcomes.

Insight – Implemented a new cloud-only data pipeline, data repository, data science and data analytics platform architecture implementing Snowflake, Databricks and Looker. Re-engineered the failing data pipeline, simplified the business data model for analytics, integrated practical and outcome -led data science, developed a suite of customisable dashboards for external and internal clients, implemented data quality controls and measures.

Autonomy – Through Ammonite’s network, hired a perm Head of Data & Analytics with further small technical team made up of 2 Data Scientist and 2 Data Analysts. Provided a 6 month training & mentoring programme from the board level down to raise the bar internally so the business could continue & evolve the foundations we put in place.


The Business Benefit

The result is that the business now has a skilled and centralised Data and Analytics capability, covering not only BI and Data Analysis, but commercially viable data science and marketable data and insights products. Data quality at the start of the data journey received greater focus allowing for more rapid delivery of new data outcomes.

The outcome was the development of 2 brand new insight products. Within 6 months, nearly 40% of their client base were using the 2 products and they had increased their ‘new’ client numbers by over 20%. They estimated that would help generate a revenue increase of over £700k over the following 12 months.

Client Comment

“Ammonite’s senior consultant a conducted a full, independent, review of our data and analytics capabilities and market opportunity. This subsequently evolved from consulting to project delivery and finally mentoring our data insight and data science teams. A testimony to the skills Ammonite brought to the business.

Ammonite are not simply data theorists but challenge conventional thinking, focusing on turning data analysis and AI/machine learning into monetizable insights that deliver real client learning and value. This dual capability, harnessing both theory and its practical application, is a valuable skill set. In delivering this, Ammonite had to challenge certain conventions within our business, and has demonstrated energy, commitment to our business to achieve this, driving the passionate dialogue, which in my experience, is needed to get things done. Ammonite are genuine and committed, with a clear focus to achieve results.” Client CEO.


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