Case study: Exploiting the Commerciality of Data Assets

  • 21 Jan 2020

The Client

A fast growth, on-line, automated consumer service with HQ in London. Commercially, they provide insightful, analytics-driven products for their growing, international client base across multiple markets.


The Challenge

Our client’s key objectives were to move from R & D to a commercially focused data environment and bring commercial AI driven products to market by developing compelling, insightful data stories about their client’s business and industry.

Project: In place were a host of one-off custom insights, AI and data products in various stages of development without a strategic underpinning needed to become monetizable data driven consumer and business analytics services and products. The client wanted to effectively exploit the commerciality of data assets, stabilise the delivery roadmap, deliver commercially attractive propositions in new and existing markets, maintain the pace of delivery of strategic outcomes whilst exploiting immediate opportunities.


Ammonite’s Solution


We played an integral part in advising on our client’s data strategy. Assessment of current direction and capabilities. Strategic re-direction working with CEO, CTO, CFO and BDE followed by a roadmap for structure, delivery approach and capabilities for 3 ,6,12 month and beyond. Identified areas in which data could provide meaningful insights generating monetisable value, migrating from an R&D data science stance to a commercial positioned data environment.


Leading the planning and augmentation of the company’s AI team & respective technology capabilities. Through Ammonite’s expert network, building a highly skilled data science team of 10. A combination of data scientists, data analysts & data engineers. 80% perm 20% interim. Shaped the data team, mentoring and upskilling internal resources through training and pairing with short term non-perm hires to then hand over the reigns. Revised the tech stack and rationalised it to meet commercial objectives and aligned delivery with BDE.


Providing long term mentorship to the data team & board to oversee the implementation. Projectisation of activity across functions. Providing constructive challenge to ideas and planned deliverables.


The Business Benefit

Built a data strategy aligned to business development and product roadmap. Ammonite actively guided the client in bringing to market commercially viable AI driven products. This resulted in generating income from new revenue streams and attracting new clients. The business maintained control of their strategy whilst retaining learned knowledge in-house, encouraging further product expansion in the future.

We helped plan and build an AI team of data scientists, data engineers and data analysts to drive continuous improvement and products for new and existing markets.

Ammonite helped to shift the culture of the business to a more data driven one, vital for its competitive advantage and financial success..


Client Comment

Ammonite’s Data Leader, Avi conducted a full, independent, review of our data and analytics capabilities and market opportunity. This subsequently evolved, with Avi first consulting to, and then leading our data insight and data science teams. A testimony to the skills Avi brought to the business. He displayed key attributes and skills that have significantly improved our data capabilities.

Avi is not simply a data theorist but challenges conventional thinking, focussing on turning data analysis and AI/machine learning into monetizable insights that deliver real client learning and value. This dual capability, harnessing both theory and its practical application, is a valuable skill set. In delivering this Avi has had to challenge certain conventions within our business, and has demonstrated energy, commitment to our business to achieve this, driving the passionate dialogue, which in my experience, is needed to get things done. Avi is a genuine and committed person, with a clear focus to achieve results. Client CEO.


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