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Case study: Development of a Coordinated Data Strategy

  • 21 Jan 2020

The Client

An award winning, dynamic, multi-platform, consumer, large media business. Owners of multiple household brands. The business spans commercial content solutions, insights, member communications, licensing & subscriptions.


The Challenge

Brains trust scattered throughout the business including their CIO and a few analysts. The CIO had clear ideas about what needed doing, the data thinking needed to be brought together and a data strategy agreed and implemented.

Project: To help the media business to develop a coordinated data strategy. To develop data and analytics capabilities to produce sophisticated audience and consumer insights and predictive abilities.


Ammonite’s Solution

MomentumTwo of Ammonite’s Senior Consultants worked with CIO to help formulate strategy and discuss options as how best to set up the data and analytics capability throughout the organisation covering. Agreed strategy covered: technology, people, potential structures, implementation, time frames etc.

Optimise & InsightWorking closely with CIO to build the Data & Analytics team around the agreed principles. Initial team of 3 Ammonite technical consultants augmented into the business to kick off the build of the new cloud solution. Through Ammonite’s network, hired a perm Head of Data & Analytics to head up the function, take over the technical build & start the wider engagement across the whole business to build relationships, engagement & understanding as to how data & analytics can drive their business the goals.

Autonomy Ammonite provided ongoing support over a 2 year period to build up their industry leading data team. Ammonite added further expertise by hiring a team made up of 3 Data Scientist, 2 Data Analysts & 2 Data Engineers to give the business further capability to drive the business forward. Ammonite’s consultants provided ongoing support & mentorship where appropriate to CIO & new permanent Data & Analytics team.


The Business Benefit

The result is that the media business now has a skilled and centralised Data and Analytics capability, covering not only BI and Data Analysis, but sophisticated customer modelling and real time personalisation. The team is now self-reliant and able to expand as a critical part of the growth strategy.

The company has grown to be one of the biggest & most loved niche media companies in the UK. Decision making throughout the business is now based on deep evidence based insights via self-service dashboards accessible to everyone in the company, enabling the business to make faster, better decisions than their competitors. The outcome being record revenues figures in 2020/21 through the Covid-19 pandemic.

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