Ammonite consistently delivers successful data transformation programmes and augments data teams, with a sharp focus on ROI, risk reduction and cost control.

Why Ammonite

According to PwC 76% of companies have little understanding of the competitive advantage to be gained from their information. The majority are unclear about what they are trying to achieve, often focusing on answering the wrong questions.

We focus on reducing risk and minimising cost by optimising the level of Ammonite’s involvement, simplifying data strategy and bringing clarity & control to the process. We assess your current situation against desired future state and deliver agreed objectives, services and products.

We have an unrivalled bench of highly experienced Data Leaders and technical experts to support and deliver your data programme.

Delivery & Exit

Ammonite are not a ‘land & expand’ consultancy. Our philosophy of providing the lightest touch required to deliver successful data and AI programmes means our exit is planned at the earliest point, equipping customers with the in-house knowledge and skills to continue their transformation smoothly.

Our 3 tiers of service provide the perfect blend of mentorship, augmentation and implementation that’s designed for your business. Each stage of the programme is developed in sprints, to agreed timescales and costs.

Who should engage Ammonite?

Data & analytics transformations must drive profit or reduce cost. That’s the point … but not always the outcome. To help you achieve both, Ammonite have a deep understanding of the benefits and challenges you face wherever you are on the spectrums of business and programme maturity. We take all these factors into account in building data solutions;

Benefits & Challenges;

  • Start-ups; fast paced & long-term decision making | hands-on & the big picture | wear multiple hats & specialist focus | flat structure & authority and responsibility
  • Mature Businesses; existing systems & legacy issues | layered management & culture change | complexity & quick decisions
  • Greenfield Programmes; enthusiasm & programme implementation | high impact & long-term goals | new tech & aligned systems | new budgets & structured planning | multiple projects & core strategy focus

That’s why we provide 3 different levels of service to suit your scenario. We achieve consistent success. Contact us for an exploratory conversation.

Data Done Differently.

Field of expertise

We get your business delivering fit for purpose data solutions, primarily in analytics – from traditional BI to AI. As importantly, we understand how to optimise the use of data and metrics in;

  • Data Science / Machine learning
  • AI
  • Digital transformation
  • Cloud 1st strategy
  • Agile adoption
  • Rapid growth and scale
  • Complex integration

Our Approach

In an over hyped market, we have a straight forward, pragmatic approach.

In agreed sprints we will; augment your data capabilities, build you a team to deliver in the short and long term, embed best practice to future proof your business and address the inevitable challenges of; culture, leadership, data management, tech choices and hiring.

You commit to 1 sprint, at a time;

Sprint 1: Assessment & Recommendation

Focus: leadership, strategy, data, organisation, architecture, technology

Outcomes: identify priority changes, blockers, quick wins, potential pitfalls, initial actions

Sprint 2: Initial Engagement

Focus: implementation of assessment recommendations – data leadership structure, clarify & communicate strategy, prioritise and actions initial goals, deliver on quick wins, gaining momentum and business buy-in, data governance standards, technology assessment and alignment, initial augmentation of skills and capacity

Outcomes: sustainable strategy aligned to desired business outcomes, effective organisation data leadership and structure, operative architecture, planning / delivery of priority POCs, momentum for change

Sprint 3+: Additional Sprint Engagements

Focus: Continued implementation of agreed data strategy

Outcomes: Deliver agreed objectives, enable internal capabilities, build internal capacity & capabilities, delivery of data products / services

Further sprints / Exit:

Focus and Outcomes: Cement changes & recommendations, continue knowledge transfer to the business, develop products & self-sufficiency towards desired future state in data analytics and AI

Industry Focus

A few industry sectors are very nuanced in their infrastructure and desired programme outcomes. Financial services, manufacturing and consumer focused businesses have very different metrics, security, governance and cultures.

However, whilst the landscape is different, we believe our methods that support building and delivering successful, outcome focused data and AI programmes remain the same.

We work successfully across all industries.