CXO Briefing: How to leverage data to grow your SME business

  • 28 June 2022
  • Online

CXO Briefing: How to leverage data to grow your SME business

Many SME business leaders inherit a data landscape that has served the business this far but can’t keep up with expansion.

The business can’t depend on spreadsheets and manual processes to scale the next phase of growth. The entire business needs to make faster, more insightful decisions, backed by a highly streamlined operational core.

In short, what got you here, won’t get you there.

In this 45 min briefing, we’ll talk through how to start the transition from ‘Excel Hell’ to a high-growth modern data-led version of your business.

As a CEO, CFO, or COO, you know you need to do more with your data but not sure where or how to start. In this webinar we’ll tackle:

➤ “I know the problem, but what do I do about it?”
➤ “What’s the key question(s) I need to answer 1st?”
➤ “What do data-led high-growth companies do right?”
➤ “I’ve heard the ‘sell’ but how does it work in practice?”

This is a practical, example laden presentation with real life business cases.


Previous attendee feedback:

“The case study was a really valuable insight in to how the projects run…The very fact that someone is on this webinar is an indicator that they can see the problem already within their business and understand the need for change. The focus should be about the solution not the problem – I think that you addressed that balance very well in your presentation.” Scott Robson, FD

“A really good, focussed introduction for companies considering tackling how best to use their data.” CFO

“A really good presentation, so thanks for that!” CFO

“I found webinar very interesting” CFO

“A very useful insight into data management and harnessing its power.” CFO

“It was a really interesting session. Looking forward to the next one..” Marta Gracia, Finance Director

“Great presentation – nice length, good presenters..” Conrinna Bishopp, Executive Director of Finance