C-Suite Event: Is your data driving better, faster decisions?

  • 27 January 2022
  • Online

Data is at the core of modern business. It can provide deep insights about your customers, your market and your business. It can drive better decisions. But many leaders like you are frustrated with how data is harnessed and used in their company.

Important decisions are being made with basic reports, often in Excel; simplistic, inaccurate and siloed data; and slow, unhelpful processes.

How do you change this and move forward from wherever you are today towards data inspired decision making?

This 1 hour webinar is for CEOs, CFOs, & COOs at SMEs who want to use data to drive business success.

In this event, we’ll demonstrate;

➤How to harness the power of data to grow your business
➤What you need to know before you start a.k.a. stop wasting money
➤How to avoid the pitfalls that cause so many data initiatives to fail
➤How to become self-reliant a.k.a. avoiding endless 3rd party fees

This is a practical, interactive presentation with real life business cases.


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