C-Suite Briefing For SMEs: How data can drive your success

  • 19 May 2022
  • Online

C-Suite Briefing For SMEs: How data can drive your success

Most entrepreneurs make their business decisions based on their past experiences and gut feelings. Some use spreadsheets to analyse performance and help the decision-making process.

What SMEs need is Data & Analytics … the ability to analyse meaningful information to support decision-making to improve business performance.

Running a business blind is a huge operational risk. But SMEs can realise the benefits of Data & Analytics in their business to monitor business performance, understand operational efficiencies and explore untapped opportunities.

The companies who understand & apply this principle will be the fastest growing SMEs in the years to come.

This 45 min webinar is for CEOs, CFOs, & COOs at SMEs who want to use data to drive business success.

In this event, we’ll demonstrate;

➤ Where things go wrong (and right)

➤ What you need to do 1st (and what not to focus on)

➤ Companies who get it right (and those who don’t)

➤ Key questions SMEs have about data (and what you should really be asking)

This is a practical, example laden presentation with real life business cases.


“It was a really interesting session. Looking forward to the next one..” Marta Gracia, Finance Director

“Great presentation – nice length, good presenters..” Conrinna Bishopp, Executive Director of Finance