At Ammonite, we have a solution that delivers transformational data and AI programmes. We have created the most effective method for producing returns from your data assets. Data Done Differently.

We Get Data

We enable you to deliver successful data programmes where momentum or ROI is proving difficult to establish. We are engaged by people like you, SMEs and corporates, to increase revenues, reduce costs and bring competitive advantage from data & analytics.

Cutting through the noise, we focus on maximising the value of your data assets, reducing risk whilst optimising costs, minimising the level of Ammonite’s involvement, simplifying data strategy and bringing clarity & control to the process. We assess your current situation against where you realistically want to be and help deliver objectives, services and products.

We have an unrivaled bench of highly experienced Data Leaders and technical experts to support and deliver your data programme.

Our unique service is an antidote to current market solutions.

"We know buying new shiny software can be exciting, but let’s be clear when it comes to data: culture eats software for breakfast."

Why we’re working

Our clients are large and small, work in disparate industries, across B2C and B2B markets. What they share is a desire to propel their business forward through inventive use of data to produce deeper insights and innovative, relevant products.

We’re hands-on, helping our clients to; identify data sources, exploit the commerciality of data assets, provide holistic guidance on technology, balance future and current opportunities and build teams to deliver against the data strategy we help create.

As important to our client’s success are the soft skills we employ; engendering C-level buy-in to maintain momentum, championing a data 1st culture to develop long-term change, mentoring and training data people to retain knowledge in-house.

All this delivered with a sharp focus on ROI, risk reduction and cost control.