At Ammonite, we have a solution that delivers. We have created the most effective method for turning your data into an asset. Data Done Differently.

Ammonite is a data services consultancy. We’re hands on, enabling you to deliver successful data programmes where momentum or ROI is proving difficult to establish. We are engaged by people like you, SMEs and corporates, to achieve ROI and bring competitive advantage from data & analytics.

Cutting through the noise, we focus on maximising the value of your data assets, reducing risk and optimising cost, whilst minimising the level of Ammonite’s involvement, simplifying data strategy and bringing clarity & control to the process. We assess your current situation against desired future state and deliver agreed objectives, services and products.

We have an unrivalled bench of highly experienced Mentors, Senior Consultants and technical experts to support and deliver your data strategy.

Our unique service is an antidote to current market solutions.